Chicken in Love


More than 60 chicken pictures portrayed like amazing fashion model



The new cycle of chicken in love showcases a substantial innovation. They are not individual portraits, but of couples. and those couples have a specific trait: they are of different breeds. An English fighting cock beside a proud Cemani chicken from Malaysia, and…well, the meeting of so much diversity, the union of distant worlds which in this reality of domestic birds becomes a metaphor for our real lives, a world of relationships and diversity. what emerges from those pictures, made with a great technical experience and composition quality, is that the “same difference” is still an aggregate value, a true force, a way to enrich the world which surrounds us.
Even a great writer such as Tiziano Terzani wished to remark upon: “Only if we can see the universe as a whole in which each part reflects the whole and where a great beauty resides in its diversity, will we begin to understand who we are and where we are”.
This new work is a tribute to love and diversity because you know, love is love. No matter who and no matter how. Just look at them.

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