The Project

Moreno Monti & Matteo Tranchellini both live in Milano and have worked together for years on countless projects. They have produced and collaborated together on many advertising campaigns with international acclaim and have also collaborated with major international artists. The two talents have been passionate about photography since a young age and found that by working together over the years as a team, they were able to produce visual images with a creative synergy that otherwise, on their own, would not be possible. Each one of them individually has his own specific talent and personal approach to photography and each contribute diverse aspects of their own personal taste to every project.


CHICken is a photographic project that initially started as a simple “cattle call” (no pun intended). The project began with a simple photoshoot at a bird show and has now transformed into a beautiful fine art photographic book.

The Photographers Moreno Monti and Matteo Tranchellini brought these chicks to life. You won’t believe it but all they used was just a simple light set, nothing else was needed: these guys & gals took center stage.

The CHICken series was photographed in Italy at the Milano aviary exhibition. Many of the breeders were worried that the birds were not posed according to the breed standard. Instead, what they didn’t understand was just how well the birds had done their homework, they were natural born posers.


They were just themselves and had a natural ability to move in front of the camera. Some of them were photographed from the side, from behind or with only a glance over the shoulder. A NATURAL TALENT.





La fabbrica del Vapore - IT Festival 2017;

ColorZONE! - Milano fuorisalone 2017;

Garibaldi Connection - Milano; 2017